Most Well Guarded Secrets About Tai Lopez

If you’ve recently visited YouTube, you no doubt have seen the ubiquitous Tai Lopez — the commercial featuring Tai Lopez, his Lamborghini and the garage full of books. This ad has garnered more than 65 million views and has inspired several parodies, which are solid indicators of its effectiveness.

Since it is instructive to study successful ad campaigns, I want to help you dissect this nearly 4-minute commercial to see why it has worked so well, and how you can apply some of the techniques that made this guy an Internet sensation.

Tai Lopez sells a 67-step program on how to be successful, so I would put him in the category of success coach, along the lines of Tony Robbins or Brian Tracy, but geared more toward Millennials. Now, I’m not touting his program or endorsing him. But in business you have to study what works, no matter what your personal opinions are about the companies or products.


There’s little doubt this ad is effective, because it’s a paid ad that has been running for about nine months. And the only reason to continue spending money on an ad month after month is that it works. In addition, Tai Lopez’s YouTube channel has over 380,000 subscribers, which is a decent figure considering that the Tony Robbins Live channel has fewer than 150,000.

So what can we learn from this phenomenon? Here are five techniques you can apply to your business marketing.

1. Grab the viewer’s attention quickly

Typically when a “pre-roll” ad starts playing on YouTube, you’re only forced to watch the first five seconds, after which you can click on the “Skip Ad” button. That means the advertiser has just five precious seconds to capture your attention, arouse your curiosity, or get you interested enough to keep watching.

Too many online commercials fail miserably at this. We just want to skip their ads and get to the video we came for. What does Tai Lopez do differently?